YKEE BENDA the multi award-winning African singer, songwriter and producer from Uganda, in his maiden concert titled SINGA, he will be performing all his hits including, Superman, Farmer, MunaKampala, Byonkola, Timetable, Amina, Singa and more

Date Venue City Tickets
29th March 2019 Kampala Serena Hotel

Tickets: 100k, VIP 300k & Table 3m

Call to book +256701154207 /+256789867069

Kampala BUY NOW
30th March 2019 Satellite Beach

Tickets: 10k & VIP 20k

31st March 2019 Freedom City

Tickets: 10k, VIP 20k & Table 1m

4th April 2019 Mukisawe

Tickets: 10k, VIP 20k

6th April 2019 Agip Hotel

Tickets: 10k, VIP 20k

7th April 2019 Maria Flo

Tickets: 10k, VIP 20k


Coming to a city near you! Stay posted more tour dates to be added.

For more information and bookings +256 701154207 / +256 789867069

MANAGEMENT: +256 705414742 EMAIL:

BuyTicketsOfficial Singa Concert Ykee Benda

SINGA concert merchandise

Watch Weekly “Singa the Journey” episodes HERE


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