I'm officially receiving video challenges of #KwisoBando via WhatsApp +256701095451. Make your video dancing or enjoying KWISO BANDO and send it to the phone number above it will immediately get reposted on my social media for the world to see. The audio is on my YouTube channel Let me see who got the realest moves 😂 Let's start... … Continue reading KWISO BANDO DANCE CHALLENGE OPEN

SINGA Video out now Available to watch in HD on Ykee Benda's YouTube channel "THIS IS THE STORY BEHIND THIS SONG. While at University I met a girl (Algerian) we became best of friends, we shared almost everything apart from the physical, we fought on a daily about Islam vs Christianity, we did everything together. It was … Continue reading SINGA Video out now

Lyrics Video for Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Anthem “Colours”

Here is the lyric video you should be jamming to for the Official Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup ™️ Anthem “Colours” by Jason Derulo ft. Ykee Benda!  

Jason Derulo and Ykee Benda

The Coca-Cola Official World Cup anthem version by Jason Derulo and Ykee Benda is out now and if you don’t believe..Let Jason affirm it...Keep it locked for the lyric video. ENJOY!