Singa Ykee Wange Valentine’s Day Challenge

From Monday 21st January to my female fans, record yourself singing SINGA and do the following (PLEASE FOLLOW)

1. Post it on your accounts with these hashtags #SingaYkeeWange #SingaConcert (without those two you are disqualified)

2. Send it to these numbers for me to post as well a) +256701203059 b) 

3. Tell your friends, family to come view and like the post and whoever comes out with the most views is the winner (Facebook Instagram and Twitter all added together )

4. 11th February I will Announce the winner

5. 12th/13th February  I will take you to the best salon, best makeup artist and of course the best boutique for women’s clothes for a complete MAKE-OVER.

6. 14th February you will have a romantic dinner with me at the finest hotel there is in this country(Who knows your forever could begin on this day) MAY THE BEST WOMAN WIN

singa ykee wange valentines day

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