Singa Concert 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen I greet you all in the mighty name of God.

I thank God for the life, blessings and love that I share with everybody, thank you Father.

I thank you my Supporters worldwide for accepting me and supporting me in all ways, honestly speaking I’m so humbled, I feel loved each day that comes, you make me feel so special may God reward you.

I thank my management for the good work they do, things wouldn’t happen if each didn’t play their part rightly, thanks so much.

I thank the media, for you I don’t even know what to say but may God reward you, DJs Bloggers, Presenters and many others in those different sections mwebale nyo nyo nyo bambi, nsiima baganda bange.

My fellow artistes thanks a lot too, without you a lot wouldn’t be in place, thanks friends.

With the much support from all of you throughout the past few years, I’ve managed to come this far with music. Releasing non stop hit music, winning awards both local and internationally, making world class videos and all that, the journey is still long but it’s better we celebrate every bit of it because we don’t know what tomorrow holds for us so if we live today as the best day it makes much more sense.

I therefore wish to announce that we shall be holding a concert every after three years. The three years time will always help us gather a lot of knowledge and special content to deliver to you in coming concerts.

We are going to start in 2019 as listed below

29th March 2019 – Kampala Serena Hotel | 100K Ordinary, 300K VIP, and 3M TABLE

30th March 2019 – Satellite Beach Mukono | 10K Ordinary, 20K VIP .

31st March 2019 – Freedom City, Namasuba| 10K Ordinary, 20K VIP and 1M Table

I humbly call upon all of you to come and party with me , I’m putting in a lot to deliver the best ever show and trust me it’s gonna be so different and unusual.

I’m waiting for you my people . Bambi give in those days for Ykee Benda mbegayilide baana ba maama.


FB_IMG_1545511059316Ykee Benda Live in Concert

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